Fee Schedule

Common Charges, Fees, or Limits Disclosure (Effective April 1, 2018)   

Cash withdrawal at ATM/ Debit dollar limit $305.00/day
Foreign ATM transaction $3.00
Replace ATM /Debit Card $10.00
Debit card purchase dollar limit $750.00/day
Telephone transfer between accounts with us $10.00
Overdraft Protection ( Automatic Transfers ) between accounts  $10.00 per transfer
 Monthly/ Periodic  Paper Statement $2.00
E-Statement Free of charge w/ valid email address
Check printing Fee depends on
style ordered
Cashier's check
Counter check
Check cashing fee (non-customer)

.60% of check amount

(ex. $500.00 check cashed - $3.00 fee imposed)

Overdraft (each item paid) $32.00
Non-sufficient funds(each check, item, or the re-presentment of each check or item)
Deposited checks returned unpaid
Account activity printout $0.25/page
Account research ($25 Minimum Charge) $25.00/hour
Account balancing assistance
Image statements after 2004 $3.00/statement
Stop payment - all types of items $32.00/stop
Wire transfers -   Incoming
Dormant Savings Accounts -  

No deposits or withdrawals to the account for one year and the balance is $49.99 or less*

$15.00/ annually
Account closed within 90 days of opening
Lost passbooks
Fax (received or sent)
Deposit bags - Zipper Bags
Lock bags
$5.00 each
$25.00 each

Safe deposit box rental - not covered by FDIC insurance  (Prices vary, ask for availability at each location) 
3" x   5" box
5" x   5" box
3" x 10" box
5" x 10" box
10" x 10" box


$20.00 plus tax annually
$30.00 plus tax annually
$40.00 plus tax annually
$60.00 plus tax annually
$75.00 plus tax annually

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